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Plenary Council 2020 Plenary Council 2020

The story so far...

The last time the Catholic Church in Australia held a Plenary Council was in 1937. It has been more than 80 years since we gathered all of the Church together and much has changed. In 2020, we will have a Plenary Council about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. What are we called to do? Who are we called to be? How do we need to change?

Pope Francis has spoken of the need to engage in the world and respond in faith. He said

“The defining aspect of this change of epoch is that things are no longer in their place. Our previous ways of explaining the world and relationships, good and bad, no longer appears to work. The way in which we locate ourselves in history has changed. Things we thought would never happen, or that we never thought we would see, we are experiencing now, and we dare not even imagine the future. That which appeared normal to us – family, the Church, society and the world – will probably no longer seem that way. We cannot simply wait for what we are experiencing to pass, under the illusion that things will return to being how they were before.”

The journey toward Plenary Council will help us to prepare to listen to God by listening to one another. We invite all people to engage, to be a part of the listening and dialogue encounter in the next two years.

Plenary Council 2020 Plenary Council 2020

News & Updates

The facilitation team is working to make as much information available to all people as soon as possible. Please watch the video and download the 3-year timeline to gain some insight into the planning that is happening to prepare for Plenary Council. Your ideas, feedback and questions are always welcome. You can find our details on the Contact Us page.

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Plenary Council 2020 Plenary Council 2020

Logo and Scripture

Plenary Council 2020 Logo

The Plenary Council logo reflects a “community of communities”, drawing upon the message from Pope Francis about the nature of Church. He wrote in Evangelii Gaudium:

“It is a community of communities, a sanctuary where the thirsty come to drink in the midst of their journey, and a centre of constant missionary outreach.” EG28

The colours are inspired by the colours of our sunburnt country – Ochre of the Red Centre, green from the Gum tree leaves, deep blue of the Ocean we are surrounded by and that of our Nation’s flag. They are tones and textures that reflect our beautifully unique Australian identity.

We are blessed with great diversity in our Catholic Church in Australia – many perspectives, experiences and encounters of faith, walks of life and vision for Church. We are called to explore what it is that we are called to, how we are called to be the presence of Jesus in Australia for today, and for generations to come. United by faith, we shall

‘Listen to what the Spirit is saying’. Rev 2:7


Plenary Council 2020 Plenary Council 2020


This list is only part of the life and activity of the Church in Australia. If you have a gathering happening for listening and dialogue for Plenary Council and you would like to be added to this list, please use the Contact Us page to send the details through and we will add it here.

  1. Mar 2018
    1. 6: Australian Catholic Media Council meeting
    2. 9-10: Australian Catholic Youth Research Seminar, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane QLD.
    3. 13-14: Plenary Council Executive Committee meeting, Brisbane QLD.
    4. 16: Plenary Council Bishops Commission meeting, Brisbane QLD.
    5. 20-21: Diocese of Port Pirie, Diocesan Assembly.
    6. 20-21: Diocese of Broome, Priests and Principals Gathering.
    7. 21-22: Archdiocese of Brisbane Priests and Pastors Convocation.
    8. 25: Palm Sunday
    9. 29: Holy Thursday
    10. 30: Good Friday
  2. Apr 2018
    1. 1: Easter Sunday
    2. 11-17: Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences of Oceania Plenary Assembly, Port Moresby PNG.
  3. May 2018
    1. 20: Pentecost, Launch: Open Dialogue and Listening Encounters for Plenary Council.

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