Listening and Dialogue Encounter

Welcome to the Plenary Council’s first stage of preparation – Listening and Dialogue.

Together, we are on a journey of listening to God by listening to one another. All people are invited to engage in Listening and Dialogue Encounters – which are an open and inclusive experience of listening, dialogue and discernment about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.

The Listening and Dialogue Encounter is an opportunity to get together a group of friends, family or colleagues and spend some time thinking and talking about your experiences of faith, life and the Church. Everyone is invited to respond to the question:

What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

Everyone’s experience of faith and the Church is unique and it is important that the Plenary Council hear responses from as many people as possible.

How can all people be involved?

The Listening and Dialogue Encounter can happen in many ways. You can get a few of your friends and family together at a time and place that suits you. Additionally, your local parish or Catholic school, your Catholic workplace or the local Diocese might host an evening and invite people along.

Your voice is important. Speak boldly and with passion, listen with an open and humble heart. With faith and guided by God’s Holy Spirit, we journey together, toward the future.

These documents are the steps for a Listening and Dialogue Encounter.

  Listening and Dialogue Encounter – Adults, Small Groups [PDF]

  Listening and Dialogue Encounter – Youth and Young Adults [PDF]

  Yarning Circle Resource

  Listening and Dialogue Encounter in other languages

What else can I do to prepare for the Plenary Council?


The Holy Spirit is leading us and the stillness of prayer opens our hearts to hear God’s voice. You can find the Plenary Council prayer here.


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Your friends and family to have a conversation about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. Ask everyone – “What do you think God is asking of us at this time?” And have them send in their responses online.