Lana Turvey Collins

Plenary Council Facilitator, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

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Peter Gates

Deputy National Director, Catholic Mission

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Olivia Lee

Plenary Council Executive Assistant, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

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Marion Gambin

Plenary Council Assistant, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

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Fr Noel Conolly

Columban Missionary Priest Senior Lecturer and Head of Mission and Culture, BBI-TAITE

Noel passed away peacefully on June 06, 2020. Noel loved the world and loved people. He believed and worked tirelessly for the success of the Plenary Council. His membership on the facilitation team cannot be overestimated. He made peoples’ hearts burn within and his spirit lives in us all. He believed in the bounty of the blessings received from investing in the truth and above all, he loved God, the trace of whose finger in the arena of human affairs he spent a lifetime discerning. He is with us, yet deeply missed.

Bishops Commission

Chair of the Commission & President of the Plenary Council:


Plenary Council Coordinating Committee


  • Danielle Achikian (Chair)
  • Gavin Abraham
  • Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB
  • Trudy Dantis
  • Sr Marion Gambin RSJ
  • Peter Gates
  • Bishop Shane Mackinlay
  • Sarah Moffat
  • Sophy Morley
  • Kelly Paget
  • Fr David Ranson
  • Debra Sayce
  • Maggie Tiongson
  • Lana Turvey-Collins

Executive Committee

In June 2017, the Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council announced the members of the Plenary Council Executive Committee. The Committee members have particular expertise and work together in an advisory capacity to help ensure the successful preparation, celebration and implementation of the Plenary Council 2020.

  • Mr Daniel Ang – Broken Bay
  • Mr Shayne Bennett – Brisbane
  • Br Ian Cribb SJ – Broken Bay
  • Dr Gemma Cruz – Melbourne
  • Sr Moya Hanlen FDNSC – Sydney
  • Ms Sally Hood – Brisbane
  • Mr John Lochowiak – Adelaide
  • Dr Brigid McKenna – Hobart
  • Ms Sarah Moffatt – Adelaide
  • Sr Grace Roclawska CSFN – Parramatta
  • Rev Dr Ormond Rush – Townsville
  • Dr Debra Sayce – Perth
  • Mrs Theresa Simon – Sydney (Maronite Church)
  • Dr Nigel Zimmerman – Parramatta
  • Mr Shane Dwyer and Fr Ian Waters are additional consultants to the Executive Committee.

Instrumentum Laboris Team

Mr. Daniel Ang

Director of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation

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Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB

Chair of the Commission and President of the Plenary Council

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Dr. Trudy Dantis

Director of the National Centre for Pastoral Research

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Fr. Kevin Lenehan

Master of the Theological College in Melbourne

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National Centre for Pastoral Research

  • Trudy Dantis (Director)
  • Stephen Reid
  • Paul Bowell
  • Leith Dudfield

Suppliers and Partners

Graphic Design

Video Production

Website Design and Development

Diocesan Coordinators

(Under construction) Click your Diocesan Coordinator to email them about applying to be a delegate for Plenary Council 2020 Session 1.