The Fifth Plenary Council of Australia is a journey for the whole Church across the country. To invite the People of God into the Second General Assembly, Masses and parts of the opening session each day will be livestreamed.

Mass will be livestreamed via the Plenary Council website each day at the following times.

Booklets have been prepared for those attending the assembly, but also to allow local liturgical celebrations to align with the Masses being celebrated for the Plenary Council. Please find below the Mass booklets for each day of the Second General Assembly.

Resources for Assembly 2

Walking in the Spirit

The Walking in the Spirit prayer pilgrimage contains additional resources to invite prayers for the Plenary Council, including the work of the Members during the Second Assembly.

The People of God in Australia are invited to make the prayerful journey towards the Second Assembly of the Plenary Council through the Walking in the Spirit prayer pilgrimage.

The campaign began on Easter Sunday, April 17, and runs until the Second Assembly, which opens on Sunday, July 3. The resources below have been created for use by individuals, families, schools, parishes and other Catholic communities.

Other Prayer Resources

One of the key aspects of the Plenary Council 2020 will be — and must be — prayer. In anticipation of the three-year process getting under way at Pentecost 2020, a number of materials have been produced for prayer, liturgy and information. They are contained below. A special prayer was also written for the process of preparation, celebration and implementation for the Plenary Council 2020. You can print off copies for use at home, at school or in your office — or you can print in bulk — using the links below.

Pentecost is a time of celebration, dialogue and mutual understanding in the Church and as the first Assembly in October 2021 draws nearer, all people are invited to become ‘Prayer Partners’ to accompany the Members and invoke the Holy Spirit on this historic gathering for the Church in Australia. 

The “Fan the Flame” resources have been designed so they can be used by individuals or by groups of any size and in any setting. They include material for each week, and as well as material that can be used at any time to support prayerful preparation for the Plenary Council.

Resources for Assembly 1

Access the Universal Prayers for October 3-10 here.

These are also included in Mass booklets for each day

Videos of Prayers and Reflection Psalms