Welcome to the Plenary Council podcast resources! We will provide links to relevant podcasts that we hope will be helpful resources for you to journey together. Learning about topics related to Church, mission, discernment, listening and synodality and more.

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First Assembly – Plenary Podcast

Available on Spotify and Anchor.

Gain insights into the journey the Catholic Church in on towards the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia, with the Council’s two assemblies being held in 2021 and 2022.

Listen to the latest episode below:

More Podcasts of Interest

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

CSYSK is hosted by four priests from the Archdiocese of Denver in the USA: Fr Nathan Goebel, Fr John Nepil, Fr Mike Rapp and Fr Michael O’Loughlin. They cover a huge variety of topics, including papal infallibility and the Apostolic Pardon, to name just two. They also share their experiences as parish priests with a great mix of banter, hilarious unedited commentary and solid factoids about Catholic stuff you should know.

The Francis Effect

A podcast about culture and politics from a Catholic perspective.

National Catholic Reporter Podcast: NCR in Conversation

NCR In Conversation, an award-winning weekly podcast, is an in-depth conversation on the week’s Catholic news.


Wish you could spend more time reflecting on Scripture? This podcast sends you a daily Lectio Divina meditation on one of the daily readings. Each 12-minute episode is designed to help you to pray wherever you are, whether that’s on a bus, in a car or with your dog in the park (hence the “go” part of “pray as you go”). Every episode includes music, the reading for the day, a few questions for reflection and a closing prayer. They also have an app! Pray-As-You-Go is a great way to incorporate prayer into your life when you’re not in the chapel.