Discernment and Writing Groups draw on Church’s talent
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Seventy people from across the country – including a dozen bishops – will serve on the six Discernment and Writing Groups that will help the Plenary Council build towards its first session in October 2020.

Time to ‘Listen and Discern’ for Plenary Council
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Plenary Council president Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB says the involvement of Catholics across the country remains critical as the Council’s Listening and Discernment stage ramps up.

Adelaide visit part of Plenary Council preparations
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The Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council and its Executive Committee have met in Adelaide for the first time, 14 months before the Council’s opening session in the South Australian capital.

Plenary Council process gets a rural perspective
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Catholics in the Western Australian diocese of Geraldton have provided a strong rural voice during the preparation phase of the three-year Plenary Council 2020 process. The Geraldton Diocesan Conference 2018, drawing on Psalm 118, adopted the theme of “Lamp for the Steps and Light for the Way: Listen to God and each other as we light the way forward.”

Dioceses join in the Plenary Council spirit
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Maitland-Newcastle Bishop Bill Wright has convoked a diocesan synod commencing in November this year, one of a number of events around the country building towards the Plenary Council and beyond.

Faithful tell Plenary 2020 they want a Christ-centred Church
Catholic Weekly

After consulting more than 222,000 of the Catholic faithful on what they think God wants of the Church in Australia, six National Themes have been discerned for consideration by Plenary Council 2020. The Themes show a “clear desire” for a Christ-centred Church, president of the Plenary Council Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB, said.

Applications open for Plenary Council discernment groups
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On July 1, the Plenary Council opened applications for the Discernment and Writing Groups that will play a critical role in helping the Catholic Church move forward in considering the Council’s six National Themes for Discernment.

Broken Bay launches Year of Discernment
Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

The Diocese of Broken Bay, from where a very large number of submissions to the Plenary Council came, has launched a Year of Discernment. The period has been dedicated to discernment in order to “discover together the concrete path that God is calling us on as individuals and as a community of Christians”, a diocesan statement said.

Source: Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

Perth Catholics called to fidelity, second Plenary phase launched
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth

The Archdiocese of Perth was quick to launch the second phase of preparation for the Plenary Council — Listening and Discernment — with a special Mass on June 2, the Feast of the Ascension.

Plenary Council 2020 take a major step forward with release of national themes for discernment
The Catholic Leader

PLENARY Council 2020 has moved into its next preparation phase with an announcement of six national themes for discernment that emerged from a historic process of listening to the voices of more than 222,000 people.

Announcement of National Themes for Discernment opens next phase for Plenary Council
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The Plenary Council 2020 moves into its next phase of preparation today with the announcement of the National Themes for Discernment that emerged from a historic process of listening to the voices of more than 222,000 people.

Discernment helps voices transform into Plenary Council themes
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A combination of data analysis, prayer and reflection has helped the Plenary Council 2020 process move from the voices of more than 222,000 people across the country to a number of National Themes for Discernment.

Listening and Dialogue ‘landmark moment’ for Church
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While people were still sharing their stories of faith and of God with the Plenary Council last night and the final numbers won’t be known for a couple of weeks, the Council’s Listening and Dialogue stage is considered a “landmark moment” for the Catholic Church in Australia.

Five weeks left for Listening and Dialogue phase
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Plenary Council president Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB says he’s expecting another flood of responses from people across the country during the final five weeks of the “Listening and Dialogue” phase of the Council.


Christmas Massgoers invited to share story, shape future
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With Catholic parishes across the country set to be full to overflowing next week, the Christmas season is being seen as a great time to increase participation in Plenary Council 2020.

November surge takes Plenary Council numbers past 30,000
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The Plenary Council 2020 received more than 2000 submissions during November, matching the number of responses the landmark process had received in the previous five months combined.

Seeking a Plenary Council fit for purpose
Eureka Street

“What we need is a listening and inclusive Church — a Plenary Council at which the clergy and the laity have a proper place at the table, at which the voices of the ‘rusted-on’ and the ‘cheesed-off’ Catholics are heard and at which the bishops are respectfully listening as much as speaking,” Fr Frank Brennan SJ writes.

Listening to the Spirit: 10,000 voices and climbing
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Momentum is building as the Church reaches the midway point of the Open Listening and Dialogue phase of preparations for the Plenary Council in 2020.

Melbourne parish takes outreach to next level
Melbourne Catholic

Parishes, dioceses, ministries, schools and other Catholic groups across Australia are coming up with creative ways to promote the Plenary Council and get people involved. One Melbourne parish has taken it to the streets, erecting billboards.

Youth ministers embrace Plenary process
Catholic Outlook

A gathering of 400 youth ministers has used the Plenary Council’s Listening and Dialogue process to craft a submission to the official Plenary Council process, but also to inform their own ministry.

Townsville locals see great potential in Plenary Council
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The northern Australia tour continued for Plenary Council facilitator Lana Turvey-Collins recently when delivered five sessions over three days in the Townsville Diocese, presenting to more than 130 people.

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Dozens gather in Cairns for Plenary Council conversation
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More than 70 people from across Far North Queensland came together in Cairns last week in the latest of regular diocesan gatherings that are helping local communities commence the three-year Plenary Council process.

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Pope Francis sends blessings as Plenary Council process begins
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Pope Francis has sent his support and blessings to the Catholic Church in Australia as it commences a three-year process to consider its future through the Plenary Council 2020.

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Adelaide will host opening Plenary Council session in 2020
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The first of two historic national gatherings to consider the future of the Catholic Church in Australia will be held in Adelaide in October 2020, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has announced.

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Perth Archdiocese set to launch Plenary Council process on 26 May
The Record

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB will launch the 2020 Plenary Council process this month during the Vigil Mass of Trinity Sunday on 26 May at 6pm. In announcing the launch, Archbishop Costelloe affirmed this will be a momentous occasion for the Catholic Church in Australia and carries with it the hopes, dreams and aspirations of everyone involved.

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Plenary 2020 to shape the future of the Catholic Church in Australia
The Catholic Weekly

The Plenary Council in 2020—as the highest form of communion possible between local churches and dioceses within a country—will actually determine Church legislation in Australia.

New ACBC president to make sure ‘Jesus is at the heart of everything’
The Catholic Leader

“The Plenary Council isn’t a talkfest; it’s a time to discern, decide and act. If we do that under the influence of the Holy Spirit, things will change in unexpected and hope-filled ways.”

WA leaders come together to talk Plenary 2020
The Record

Leaders from across the WA Catholic community have gathered to talk about and prepare for the upcoming Plenary Council scheduled for 2020, themed “Listen to what the Spirit is saying”.

Plenary Council 2020: Our Journey in Faith
Broken Bay News

Broken Bay Diocese director of evangelisation Daniel Ang explains how the Plenary Council 2020 will unfold – and particularly how Broken Bay will prepare for and participate in the process.

Port Pirie, Broome lead the way for Plenary Council
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More than 200 people from remote and rural parts of Port Pirie Diocese in South Australia have met for the first major gathering since the announcement of the 2020 Plenary Council.

Pope Francis approves Plenary Council for Australia
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Pope Francis has given his approval for the Catholic Church to hold the first Plenary Council – the most significant national gathering that can be held – in Australia in more than 80 years.